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h2o% promise

Access to clean and safe drinking water is the foundation to a healthy life.

For people around the world without access - physical health becomes a struggle, illness becomes rampant, medical care is undermined, educational opportunities are compromised, gender inequality becomes more pronounced, economic growth is stunted and the number of lives lost to water-related disease is catastrophic. The effects are intertwined, one inseparable from the next, yet it all starts at and ties back to a pivotal issue -- water; either the lack of OR access to safe drinking water. 

Please take a moment to look up the global statistics - the reality is staggering. 


The H20% Promise sets the precedent that 20% of proceeds from any purchase with Emanate Surf Project will go towards supporting non-profit organizations and initiatives who work relentlessly to provide access to safe drinking water for the people around the world in need.  

Together our contribution may be equal to just a drop in the ocean - yet each drop is capable of making ripples. 

And after all, the ocean is made up of individual drops of water.

Emanate Surf Project

Wellfleet, MA